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Tender No: ISAC/CE/2016E0213101 Tender Ref. Date: 23-12-2016
Tender Type: Public Tender Currency: INR
Description: AMSC FOR 5 AXES CNC
No. of Material: 1 Tender Mode: Single Part
Division: ISAC CENTRE Purchase Entity: -
Remark: 1.ISAC invites offers through e-tender portal for the supply of mentioned item in the tender. 2.Only online tenders will be accepted. No manual/Postal/e-mail/Fax Offers will not be entertained. 3. Compliance statement for all our commercial terms and conditions as per annexure enclosed along with tender enquiry shall be given point by point. With out compliance statement your offer will not be considered for evaluation purpose. 4. Your quotation should be valid for minimum of 120 days from the date of opening of the tender. 5. Kindly furnish the following points: A. Please provide contact person''s and company''s e-mail ID and mobile/land line number in your quotation. B. If the company is quoting on behalf of the foreign company then clearly mention the principal supplier/company''s proper address, telephone number and email ID on whom purchase order to be placed on in your quotation. 6. Security Deposit: The successful service provider shall guarantee faithful execution of the order in accordance with the terms & conditions specified. As a performance security, the service provider shall furnish security deposit for 10% of the total order value in the form of performance bank guarantee issued by a Nationalized/Scheduled Bank valid till completion of the contract. The security deposit shall not carry any interest and shall be returned on completion of all the contractual obligations. The security deposit has to be executed within 15 days after the receipt of order as per our specimen. 7. PBG: vendor shall submit Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) for 10% of PO value issued by Nationalised/Scheduled bank valid during warranty period. PBG shall be executed before claiming the payment. PBG will be return back after warranty period. 8.This is Public Tender single part, please read all the documents carefully before submitting the bids.
Officer Name: Officer Designation: PURS. & STORES OFFICER
Notice Text
Tender Common Templates
Technical Write-up/Drawings (Attach docs meant for Vendors) | Terms and conditions for Annual Maintenance Contract
Sr No Item Description Unit Of
1 AMSC Comprehensive AMSC for 5 Axes CNC Honeycomb Milling Machine as per specification enclosed YEAR 2
Fee Structure
SrNo Stage Amount (Rs.)
Seq No Buyer Stage Supplier Stage Start Date & Time Expiry Date & Time
1 Tender Release - 23-12-2016 10:00 24-12-2016 17:00
2 - Tender download 24-12-2016 17:15 10-01-2017 15:55
3 - Bid Submission 24-12-2016 17:30 10-01-2017 16:00
4 Bid Sealing - 10-01-2017 16:30 13-01-2017 17:00
5 - Open Authorisation 13-01-2017 17:30 16-01-2017 22:00
6 Tender Opening - 17-01-2017 10:00 17-01-2017 17:00
7 Tender Evaluation - 17-01-2017 18:00 31-01-2017 18:00
8 PO Release - 27-01-2017 10:00 09-02-2017 17:00